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2017 Trends in Kitchen Renovations

A 2017 study conducted by popular interior design website Houzz found that kitchen renovations are the top home interior renovation project. Houzz gathered data from 100,000 US homeowners for this study. They outline the trends, motives and behaviors associated with home renovations of all kinds. It was discovered that the top three reasons for kitchen […]

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3 Things People Overlook in a Kitchen Renovation

When it comes to taking on a kitchen renovation, people tend to run head first. Kitchens were found to be the #1 most popular room of the home to remodel because it’s such an integral part of the home. The kitchen is a place for family and friends, school lunches and midnight snacks. The amount […]

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Six Reasons Not to Take Shortcuts on Your Renovation

It’s true that “cheap” does not always mean “bad,” and “expensive” does not always mean “good,” but that doesn’t mean you should always take shortcuts on your renovation, either. One or two valid “shortcuts” might not be a bad idea, depending on your home renovation situation but continually looking for cheaper ways to accomplish a […]