Design Services Available in Pasadena & Southern California

NS Designs is an innovative Design firm based out of Pasadena, California, that specializes in an array of residential and commercial services.

We specializes in an array of interior design and spatial planning projects. We have a refined knowledge of home design, mechanical design, plumbing design, electrical design, BIM, and EnergyPro Title 24. We take pride in our ability to exceed expectations in all aspects of business. We truly enjoy working with various customers including contractors, project managers, architects, engineers, interior decorators and others when bringing various visions to fruition. This company exists because we love seeing projects come to life. What’s your vision?on?

Areas Served:

Altadena, Arcadia, Burbank, East Pasadena, Glendale, Hollywood, La Canada Flintridge, Montrose, North Glendale, Pasadena, Sierra Madre, South Pasadena, Beverly Hills, North Hollywood.
*We provide design services in other surrounding areas as well. Be sure to reach out to inquire further.

Services We Provide:

3D Rendering, Building Design, Custom Homes, Drafting, Energy-Efficient Homes, Floor Plans, Green Building, Home Additions, Home Extensions, Home Remodeling, House Plans, New Home Construction, Structural Engineering, Sustainable Design, Bathroom Design, Historic Building Conservation, Kitchen Design, Kitchen Remodeling, Site Preparation, Space Planning

Below you will find a more detailed list of our services and their definitions.


3D Rendering consists of creating 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional digital images that are meant to represent what a proposed design will look like. This allows one to effectively visualize the end result.


The creation of designs for new buildings or remodeling projects that comply with building codes and meet project specifications.


An original home designed for a client in a specified location. Custom homes give one the opportunity to control the home’s layout, lot size, and accessibility.


The creation the technical drawings, plans and blueprints used in construction. Drafts include details of building projects, such as specification of dimensions and materials.


Energy-Efficient Homes are highly rated in terms of their structure and heating, cooling and hot water systems. They utilize less fuel and cost less to operate based on their square footage. The US Department of Energy has created a national rating system called ‘The Home Energy Score’ that takes all of these aspects into consideration, to decipher if a home can use energy improvement. If you’re planning on building a new home, it’s worth considering investing in energy efficiency. If you have an existing home, we recommend a home energy assessment. This will help you understand how your home uses energy and what will be the best way to reduce energy and cut costs.

We are well versed in the best practices for Home Performance by EnergyStar (


Floor plans are a set of construction drawings that illustrate the specifications of a building’s dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques. These blueprints allow you to see a structure’s walls and rooms from a bird’s eye view.


Green Building refers to the creation of structures, and the utilization of processes, that are not only environmentally friendly or responsible, but that are also resource efficient. This includes the consideration of a building’s life cycle and its effect on the natural environment, as well as the people living or working in it. Some of the most critical elements include energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, its location and how it will affect the surrounding environment.

We are a Certified Green Building Professional as per certification.


The creation of an additional building structure that is integrated with the rest of the home. Additions come in all shapes and sizes and can be built in any direction (build out or build up).


Home extensions involve internal structural alterations.


Home Remodeling refers to any building projects that alter the structure of an existing home and it can also include improvements to lawns, gardens and outdoor structures.


The blueprints of construction or working drawings that define all the construction specifications of a residential house, such as dimensions, materials, layouts, installation methods and techniques.


Blueprints for an outdoor area. A visual representation of a space that includes trees, grass, flowers, as well as lawn furniture, fountains, and sheds.


Refers to the construction of an entirely new home. This means that the home has never been lived in nor has ever existed before.


The understanding, prediction and calculation of the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures and their effect on function and safety. This includes the development of designs that can be integrated with other existing designs, as well as the ability to supervise construction projects on site.


The minimization of the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, and development space and the ecosystem at large.


This can involve either bathroom renovations, such as repairs or updates, or bathroom remodels, such as altering the appearance, structure and function of the room. With your style, space size and budget in mind, we design a digital version for you to approve, or suggest changes to, before we get to work.


Building conservation is the process through which the material, historical, and design integrity of a home or building are prolonged through carefully planned interventions.


The creation, remodeling, or updating of the kitchen in a home. We would discuss building materials, room layout, cabinetry, countertops, flooring, backsplashes, hardware and appliances.


Aesthetic alterations to an existing kitchen. Services range from changing kitchen layout to knocking down walls to installing cabinets, tiles, countertops, kitchen floors, and appliances and fixtures.


Site Preparations refers to the demolition of homes, buildings, or other structures. This includes the clean up of the building site following the demolition and sale of the materials collected from the process. This process literally refers to the preparation of the site, in which the area is left free of obstruction and is ready to build on.


The space plan displays the circulation patterns that represent how people will move through the space. The plan is completed with details such as furniture, equipment and hardware placement.

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