7 Types of Elegant French Style Homes

From Provincial homes to massive Chateaus, French style homes have their own unique distinctions. There is a reason why French style homes have the reputation that they do, and that’s because one of the most brilliant additions to the world of architecture came from the French. They founded the first architectural institution in Europe, the […]

7 Types of Fascinating Victorian Style Homes

Victorian style homes and Victorian architecture in general came into development during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian style homes focus more on aesthetic and beauty rather than practicality. This home style emerged from the grandiose and detailed Gothic style. Technological advancements from the Industrial Revolution, such as steam-powered mills, reduced material costs and sped […]

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Transcontemporary: A Design Antidote to Virtual Overload

An overstimulated society has given birth to a new design trend and it’s called Transcontemporary. Transcontemporary design is a blend between contemporary and transitional architecture and design. It encompasses: strategic austerity, neural palettes and natural elements, a greater connection to nature, and an increased sense of privacy. What drives Transcontemporary design? Simplicity via sensorial reduction. […]