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2017 Trends in Kitchen Renovations

A 2017 study conducted by popular interior design website Houzz found that kitchen renovations are the top home interior renovation project. Houzz gathered data from 100,000 US homeowners for this study. They outline the trends, motives and behaviors associated with home renovations of all kinds.

It was discovered that the top three reasons for kitchen renovations were:

+ Outdated design
+ Outdated finished
+ Inadequate appliances

With outdated design being listed as the #1 reason why opt for kitchen renovations in the first place, the options for remodeling can be not only endless endless but thrilling. 

You can end up spending $10,000 on a kitchen, or you can end up spending $50,000. And then there is everything in between:

Houzz found that in comparison to 2014, homeowners spent 12% more on average to remodel a kitchen in 2015. In 2016, large kitchens were found on average to run about $45,500, while small kitchens came in at an average cost of $33,200. The national average is $19,100 for a kitchen remodel, which is $1000 more than what it was in 2015.

Modern-day remodeled kitchens are also known to be “supersized” (255 square feet on average), exceeding the size of remodeled dining rooms (240 square feet), as mentioned by Houzz.

The most major changes that occur during a kitchen renovation are:

+ Layout change
+ Core system upgrades
+ Wall reframing/moving
+ Room size increase
+ Location change

Core system upgrades include things like:

+ Plumbing
+ Electrical
+ Home automation
+ Heating
+ Cooling
+ Ventilation

One thing that Houzz found to be consistent in 2015 was that more than 4 in 5 homeowners (85%) renovated their homes with help from a professional. In 2016 that number grew to 87%. Now that is certainly a trend worth noting. We encourage you to keep in mind that each renovation quote will be different. It’s difficult to estimate your costs without first consulting with a professional.

Where are you currently in your kitchen renovation process? If the details to difficult to digest on your own, speaking with a professional can ease your worries, concerns and questions. It’s always a good idea to learn more about the in depth process of what to expect during this kind of design and remodeling process. And it’s wise to learn more about how to hire the best contractors and/or design firms to tackle your project.

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